Who can use AutoDocG?


Produce professional and precise types of legal documents valid in certain jurisdictions. Save time and energy working with auto generated documents covering all sections.

Personal Users

Clear the hesitancy in dealing with legal documents. Generate the relevant documents for you & your family on your own with basic inputs and no legal assistance.

Service Providers

Go beyond basic word processing for all service related documents. Separate modules for various document types will lower the cost & help you attract new cost-conscious clients.

A K Ramakrishnan

B.Com., CAIIB, LL.B. Former I G of Registration, Kerala

‘AutoDocG’, is a web based software application, to aid and help Professionals, Service Providers and Ordinary users as well. Who understand and deploy document automation can lower costs, maintain high quality, attract new cost-conscious clients, and improve profit margins. Helps prepare documents in Malayalam & English conforming to the standards set by the Department of Registration, Kerala. All the required tools are made available for download along with instructions as to installation.


Select the type of document to be prepared along with forms to be annexed from the list.


Context specific data entry screen having text boxes with indications.


Save, edit and update any time, any day (24/7) till 1st download.


Prepare a different document with the entered data by choosing the ‘SAVE AS’ option.