We are releasing ‘AutoDocG’, a web based software application, to aid and help those professionals who are engaged in documentation work to go beyond basic word processing, leveraging them to prepare documents and instruments more efficiently. It has been designed to suit the needs of both professionals and ordinary users. It has been simplified to the maximum possible level. A video presentation lucidly detailing how to use the software is also made available. Please use the software and come forward with suggestions for improving it further to cater to the needs of the users.

AutoDocG helps professionals to work more effectively through leveraging practical knowledge systems. Individuals and Firms who understand and deploy document automation can lower costs, maintain high quality, attract new cost-conscious clients, and improve profit margins. Please log on to the link registration create User name, Password and access the program and send your suggestions to autodocg@gmail.com


                                           Automation to remove hassles hindering business growth.


                I love help people and am concerned about all-round progress and well-being as it is intrinsically linked to mine and I am against everything that hinders progress in any pretext. Documents are indispensable in every aspect of life, personal or business and the lack of drafting skill poses a mammoth problem. My mission is to equip everyone with the skill to draft simple letters to intricate legal documents in Malayalam and English.