We are a Company registered under the Cmpanies Act, 2013. This application is developed to equip lawyers and other service providers engaged in the profession of preparation of documents and instruments for various purposes. AutoDocG will aid and help these professionals to go beyond basic word processing leveraging them to prepare documents and instruments more efficiently. Automated document drafting software in its many guises is widely used in law practice. Almost all professionals engaged in the profession of preparation of documents make some use of extensive word processing macros, custom document assembly applications. Many firms have deployed sophisticated systems for handling both routine and complex documents. At the same time the vast majority work still proceeds with pitifully little assistance from document assembly technology or other knowledge leveraging techniques like Computer-aided drafting, Document modeling and Document automation. There are many names for software tools that help personnel quickly generate certain types of well-structured documents. Sale Deeds, Gift Deeds, Contracts, Powers of Attorney, Partnership Deeds, Declaration of Truss and wills are good examples. A lawyer, a paralegal, or a service provider engaged in the profession of preparation documents responds to a chain of dialogues, queries and prompts, often from within a familiar word processing program, and the system assembles a draft document or the user picks forms, clauses, or other document components as needed from libraries of alternatives. Sometimes a law firm develops a custom system using the firm’s own forms and experience. This requires a fair amount of time and tedious work. Other times, the document assembly system is an off-the-shelf system designed to produce specific types of legal documents valid in certain jurisdictions.

The user first selects a type of document, then chooses from available clauses, and finally is prompted to fill in the blanks in these clauses. Users can reorder clauses and can easily back up to previous steps in the process. AutoDocG offers the ability to automate official graphical forms integration with the major word processor MS Word. It is composed of separate authoring and compilation modules. Post compilation editing works separately from any word processor. This unique post-compilation editing feature allows users to make changes in assembled documents from within Microsoft Word and save those changes in the data file for future compilation. On the left side is a collapsible outline of the entire system and, on the right side, is a context-specific data entry screen having text boxes with indications just above each text box as to what is to keyed in. The system is nicely integrated with Microsoft Word.

The package has modules for preparing documents relating to real estate, wills and trusts, family law, immigration, bankruptcy, commercial lending, civil litigation and any other specific thrust area a practitioner mainly concentrates. For the time being AutoDocG is Kerala specific with Malayalam and English inputs.

Those who understand and harness the power of document automation can reap great benefits in enhanced quality, efficiency, and job satisfaction. This is an old story, but worth retelling. It could be a serious mistake to ignore these opportunities. AutoDocG helps professionals to work more effectively through leveraging practical knowledge systems. Firms that understand and deploy these arrangements along with document automation can lower costs, maintain high quality, attract new cost-conscious clients, and improve profit margins.

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